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Transforming innovative Siemens’ technologies into attractive market opportunities for buyers and licensees

Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) offers access to innovative Siemens technologies, creating opportunities to establish new businesses. STA’s deep expertise and broad experience adds value throughout the commercialization process for the buyers and licensors of these technologies.


Buying and licensing innovative Siemens technologies to create new businesses

A unique market opportunity

Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) opens up attractive investment opportunities for buyers or licensors, offering access to innovative Siemens technologies, and providing expertise and in-depth experience that adds value throughout the commercialization process.

Access to high-value technologies

STA commercializes innovative Siemens technologies that have been developed by the company’s global research and development network. Buyers and licensors of these technologies gain access to market opportunities that fall outside of Siemens core business. STA has evaluated these technologies to ensure that they hold the potential for high business value, while thoroughly analyzing both technology and market risks. And every STA technology is well protected by patents.

Single point of contact

STA simplifies the commercialization process, as much as possible, by serving as the single point of contact within Siemens for buyers and licensors. STA addresses all technological, legal and financial areas of the sale or licensing process, reducing the complexities that come with working with a large, multinational company. STA also ensures the smooth transfer of the technology and expertise to the buyer or licensor.

Long-term value

By working with STA, buyers and licensors of these technologies gain access to the Siemens global network, opening up the potential for future collaboration, because Siemens is always interested in building long-term partnerships that can result in innovative new products.

Sales deal: Noliac

Technology: Piezoelectric drive technology

Siemens Corporate Technology invented and developed a new piezoelectric drive system. Named the Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD), it extends the power range of piezo motors by a factor of about 100, while retaining the advantages of piezo motors. The properties of the piezo components and its innovative design have resulted in a competitive advantage for the technology in terms of precision, dynamics, smart load sensing and scalability. PADs are also capable of operating under extreme conditions including within strong magnetic fields and vacuums, and in environments with radiation and high temperatures.

External commercialization drivers:

Siemens VDO, the company’s automotive unit, funded the development of the PAD technology with the intent to offer it as a new drive technology for window lifter motors and pointer drives. When Siemens VDO was sold, Siemens Healthcare expressed an interest in deploying PAD technologies in several applications, but chose not to develop and market the technology internally, as well. As a result, Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) pursued the external commercialization of the technology.

External commercialization strategy:

STA identified a wide range of applications for the technology, both within and outside of Siemens. A prototype was developed for the most promising applications, in close cooperation with potential customers. A business plan was also developed that illustrated possible applications in a number of industries. At this point, STA decided to sell the technology to capture its full potential in all of these applications. That required a partner with competence and expertise in piezo motors, and an existing sales network in the relevant industries.

Structured sales methodology:

STA acted as the single point of contact at Siemens while conducting negotiations for the PAD technology with potential partners. After a thorough evaluation, STA selected Denmark-based Noliac A/S—a respected designer, developer and manufacturer of piezo-based components and solutions—as its partner to further develop and commercialize the PAD technology. STA transferred the intellectual property (including fifty patent families), know-how and physical assets to Noliac in exchange for its ownership stake in the company.


STA initiated collaboration between Siemens Healthcare and Noliac to develop innovative PAD drives for healthcare products. Noliac has also developed PAD drives for other applications, including use within high magnetic field environments. The company also expects to launch a new generation of more simply designed PAD drives in 2014 that will function in higher temperature ranges, and offer better performance and lower costs. PAD drives complement Noliac’s other highly profitable product offerings, all of which have experienced significant growth in recent years.


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