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Transforming innovative Siemens’ technologies into attractive market opportunities for buyers and licensees

Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) offers access to innovative Siemens technologies, creating opportunities to establish new businesses. STA’s deep expertise and broad experience adds value throughout the commercialization process for the buyers and licensors of these technologies.


Buying or licensing innovative Siemens technologies to create new businesses

A unique market opportunity

Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) provides attractive investment opportunities for buyers or licensors, offering access to innovative Siemens technologies, and providing expertise and in-depth experience that adds value throughout the commercialization process.

Access to high-value technologies

STA commercializes innovative Siemens technologies that have been developed by the company’s global research and development network. Buyers and licensors of these technologies gain access to market opportunities that fall outside of Siemens core business. STA has evaluated these technologies to ensure that they hold the potential for high business value, while thoroughly analyzing both technology and market risks. And every STA technology is well protected by patents.

Single point of contact

STA simplifies the commercialization process, as much as possible, by serving as the single point of contact within Siemens for buyers and licensors. STA addresses all technological, legal and financial areas of the sale or licensing process, reducing the complexities that come with working with a large, multinational company. STA also ensures the smooth transfer of the technology and expertise to the buyer or licensor.

Long-term value

By working with STA, buyers and licensors of these technologies gain access to the Siemens global network, opening up the potential for future collaboration, because Siemens is always interested in building long-term partnerships that can result in innovative new products.

Sales deal: Curetis

Technology: GEAR – GEnetics Antibiotics Resistance Database

Siemens Healthineers performed a significant research project to validate the possibility of determining the response of pathogens to antibiotic treatment based on the pathogen’s DNA. Whilst the potential of such an approach has already been demonstrated for certain pathogens and antibiotics, genetic tests so far did not provide helpful results for the majority of complex antibiotics resistance mechanisms.

Based on its unique access to clinical bacteria samples, Siemens sequenced the genomes of more than 11,000 bacteria and evaluated their response to a wide panel of clinically used antibiotic drugs. The resulting dataset was then evaluated in order to identify novel genetic markers that further improve the accuracy and diagnostic applicability of genetic tests for antibiotic resistance.

In the future, this project might help treating patients with infections faster and more effectively. At the same time it might contribute to a slow down of developing “superbugs” – bacteria that do not respond to antibiotic treatment any more.

External commercialization drivers:

After the carve out of the clinical microbiology business, Siemens Healthineers decided to transfer this innovation to a innovative player in the field in order to ensure a comprehensive and timely realization of the potential impact of this asset. Microbiology as well as molecular testing capabilities under the same roof were identified as critical resources in order to turn this innovation into a market ready product.

External commercialization strategy:

STA identified a wide range of potential partners to pick up the results of the research project. In parallel, a spin-off was evaluated, but the width and depth of required capabilities as well as resources focused the commercialization process on a sale & licensing transaction.

Structured sales methodology:

STA acted as the single point of contact at Siemens while conducting negotiations for the GEAR Asset with potential partners. After a structured bidding process, STA selected Germany based Curetis GmbH as its partner to further develop and commercialize GEAR. STA transferred the intellectual property rights, data, know-how, as well as physical assets to Curetis in exchange for an undisclosed upfront payments as well as future royalties.


After taking over the GEAR Asset, Curetis by now has set up a fully owned, dedicated subsidiary “Ares Genetics” to translate the research results into viable solutions. Ares Genetics has been established in Vienna, Austria and is headed by Dr. Andreas Posch and Dr. Achim Plum as Managing Directors. Dr. Posch headed the bioinformatics activities at Siemens Healthcare and was responsible for GEAR prior to the asset transfer to Curetis while Curetis’ CCO Dr. Plum headed the In-Vitro DX & Bioscience Department of the Siemens Healthcare Technology Center prior to joining Curetis in 2015.

GEAR will expand Curetis’ content leadership with novel antibiotic resistance markers and form the basis for additional business, including clinical decision support, pharma research or next-generation sequencing interpretation services,” said Dr. Andreas Posch, Managing Director at Ares Genetics. “We will pursue a partnership-based model for future R&D and commercialization. Our goal is to advance GEAR as a collaborative research platform for academic and translational research, public health, and industry partners. This will establish GEAR as the enabling technology platform for a broad and effective alliance against antibiotic resistances.


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