Siemens Technology Accelerator

Siemens Technology Accelerator



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The mission of the Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) is to commercialize innovative Siemens technologies with business potential beyond Siemens’ strategic focus.

Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) was founded in 2001 in Munich as a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens and is part of Siemens Corporate Technology (CT). While CT plays a crucial role in Siemens’ strategic focus on being a technological trendsetter in all fields of its business, STA’s mission is to commercialize innovative Siemens technologies with commercial potential beyond Siemens‘ core business.

The STA team has extensive expertise in technology start-ups and in the sale and licensing of technologies. STA also has access to Siemens resources and all the advantages that come with being part of a global powerhouse in electrification, automation and digitization.

Since 2001, Siemens Technology Accelerator has turned innovative technologies and commercial opportunities into successful businesses. These businesses are founded as venture capital-financed start-up companies or created through sales and licensing deals.

STA employs a proven approach for the transfer of technology, know-how and IP to start-ups and larger corporates, acting as the single partner for external investors, entrepreneurs, buyers or licensees.